Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Smiles Volume 12

Can we combine Blogtember posts? Is that cheating? Well in my effort to catch up from a half month of falling behind, I will allow myself to combine a couple prompts for a story that makes me smile just thinking about it. Three for one! ;)

Pen Pals


Have you ever had a pen pal?

That friend that you would run to check the mail to see if it contained a letter; if it did the rest of the mail was forgotten in the box as you tore open the letter and began reading as you walked back up the drive absorbing ever single detail it held?

Growing up, I had such a friend. Unlike most pen pals who begin a correspondence and years later meet, we met first. We were both lonely and searching for a friend. In each other we found a kindred spirit. We were a modern day Anne and Diana. And then a few short months after we discovered each other, her family moved away. 

We wrote for several years without hesitation and slowly as time went on the letters grew further and further apart until the box containing each and every one was closed and covered in dust.

But the story does not end here. After hearing a friend talk about reconnecting with past friends on Facebook, I decided to give it a shot and search for her. My hopes weren’t high, in fact, I pretty much thought I would come up empty handed or would discover every other person of the same name in the world, except her. I typed in her name, held my breath, and hit search. And there right at the top of a very short list was a face that I recognized and knew so very well.
Then the doubt hit, should I contact her? I was almost one hundred percent certain that I never returned her last letter which resulted in our falling out of touch. Would we still be able to relate to each other? Would she be happy to hear from me? And most importantly, would she respond?

Happily, she did.

So no matter what the negatives social media may hold, I am grateful for this positive point. And that's the change this medium has made in my life. Now onto a letter for someone special...

Dear Moonpenny, 

            Was that your pen name or mine? It’s been so long since I have taken your letters out of their box and read them that I cannot remember. I just know that Moonpenny and Roseleaf go together. But I think I have it right.

            I already gave it away; I still have all of your letters. Your friendship was such an important part of my childhood that I cannot bear to part with them. Do you remember when you wrote a story and taped yourself reading it out loud since it would be faster than handwriting it all back out for me to read? I still have that too. If only my car had a cassette player. I would love to listen to it again during my commute to work.

I think I may have told you once, but I think you should give blogging a try. You always wrote so well in your letters and your short stories! I think you would enjoy it. I know I enjoy writing for fun again and the community of others that enjoy that same thing. Now that I come to think about it, a blog is kind of like an online letter to a pen pal. In fact, sometimes when I’m having a hard time writing I just picture a friend that I have not seen in a while, like you, and write it as if I am talking to them.

But, I digress. It is hard to express how special our friendship is to me. How special you are. It makes me so happy to have reconnected with you and to continue growing in our friendship. I was so excited to meet your husband before your wedding and to know that you found a man that sees all the true beauty you possess. And I love seeing how happy you are in life.

You have been and continue to be a blessing to me. Here's to a future with many more letters (or e-mails) in it. 


Because the ultimate cure for the Monday blues is 
something that will make you smile and grateful for what you have.  
These things make me smile and hopefully they will make you smile too.
What makes you smile today?

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