Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Five Favorites Volume 18

February celebrates not only the birthday of Waltzing In Beauty, but also my own.  Add Valentine’s Day in there and you have the beginnings of one of my favorite months.

At the risk of sounding a bit materialistic, here are my favorite things on my wish list.



I love this necklace!
I thought it was pretty when the Spring/Summer style guide came out, but I normally stay away from pastels, especially greens. Then I tried it on and fell in love. This picture does not do it justice. The colors are more striking and the sparkles more brilliant.
Currently, I am holding this in front of me as a carrot for reaching some business goals this month, and boy is it a good motivator.



I have wanted a new camera for a good while, basically since I realized my smart phone was taking better quality pictures than my trusty camera from college. This Canon Rebel seems to be popular and would do the trick nicely.



Trying to cut back on the grains in your diet is a challenge, especially for this Italian girl with a love for all things pasta and bread. When I heard about the Spiralizer, needless to say, I was very intrigued. The idea of slicing veggies into noodles and preparing your favorite pasta dishes with the veggies as a replacement sounds too good to be true.
I want to try this so much!


I love the look and feel of this galvanized calendar. It fits perfectly in my kitchen…in my dreams.


Oh, one more thing.


My Columbo collection is missing a couple seasons. It could also use a movie or two.

Thank you, Hallie, for letting me dream! 

Stay warm and safe!


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  1. What a fun calendar!! I tried to put my calendar on my computer or my phone but finally realized that a big wall calendar in my kitchen was the only way to go for me! I need the information right in front of my face at all times!!


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