Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Currently - October and Exciting News

Oh hello there!
Imagine running into you here!
It sure has been a while...

The cold of the century has finally left our home.
It was a very rude house guest that came to visit uninvited and overstayed its welcome by a week or two. We shall, however, trudge forward.

Time for a quick update after a blogging break!



up all the pictures of newborns from friends and family this year.
2015 has been bountiful! With one more expecting mama to go the record so far is:
Girls: 3 Boys: 5.
And because I love everything to do with names...of those 8:
two are Lily,  
two have a name or nickname starting with X,
and almost all follow the trend of an older name that's been obscure making a come- back.



the beginnings of a Fall into Winter capsule wardrobe.
I'm a little scared that I will get tired of my items, but this idea has intrigued me for awhile and I want to give it a try.



all the Fall decorations our neighbors have out.
An Autumn wreath for our front door is on my to buy list.



recipes galore! After a long day at work I have little time and energy to get dinner on the table without serving it right before bed (which is more often than I want to admit). 
I am looking for your yummiest, easiest, healthiest, and fastest recipes! Please share! November's Tuesday Talk Feature will be full of the goodies you share!



the blogs of our two new co-hosts for Tuesday Talk.
I am so excited to have these lovely ladies join us!


Please join me and give a warm welcome to Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me and Laura from Life is Beautiful !


Let's link-up!
I cannot wait to read your posts!


  1. I am toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe too...makes me nervous lol!

  2. You can view my easy, simple recipes on my recipe page. That is the easiest way to get any that may interest you. Now that my family is living with me I'm looking for easy meals too, crock pot easy to throw together in the morning so it is ready when I get home. I'll shoot some your way when I find them.


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