Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Cut or Not to Cut...Five Favorites Volume 14

Tonight I get to go visit one of my favorite girls, my hairstylist.

My mom cut my hair until I graduated from college. Up until my senior year my hair was straight, straight, straight. It didn’t tangle much, looked great down and up, and was so shiny and healthy. I wore it long, like Pocahontas, and had no idea that I would ever look back and think of it as the glory days of my hair. I loved my hair.

And then it changed.

All of a sudden it was falling out more than usual, I had these long thick waves, and I had no clue what to do with it. It was the one thing that I always liked about myself and now it was revolting against me!

So with graduation and starting a new job, we got me to the hair salon and found my girl. She is so good at her job. She understands what I find to be the most inarticulate statements of what I’m thinking and I always leave pretty pleased or pretty and pleased.

As with every upcoming hair appointment, I am going through the same questions in my head. Do I just get a trim? Do I get a new cut/style? Do I keep trying to grow it out? And these questions lead to the internet searches and a continuing debate until I sit in the chair and make a final decision.

Here are my favorites so far…


This is the original style I went to from my long locks and after it getting progressively shorter I decided to grow my hair out for my sister’s wedding. This is pretty much what I have right now. I like it, but part of me wants a change and the other part wants to leave well enough alone.
Love this cut.


The part that wants a change is being stirred up more because it seems like everyone is chopping their hair off or going for the “clavicut.” And by everyone, I mean two of the bigger bloggers that I read and a few newscasters did and then I started noticing everyone I saw with shorter hair. But then Kate revealed her new do this week. It’s super cute!
great cut
Too drastic?

If I kept the length but grew my layers out…
Love this color and style


Or do I keep moving towards this…
Cute-Long-Layered-Hairstyles and haircutsyles


I’ve noticed that when I look at haircuts I almost always gravitate to the blondes. Maybe it’s because you can see the details a bit more. One thing is for sure, I do not think I will ever go blonde. Another thing, I think bangs are here to stay, but should I go blunt or stay side swept?

 hair envy

So what do you think? What’s your favorite?

Make sure to visit Hallie before you go and enjoy your Wednesday evening to the fullest.


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