Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Snapshots Volume 19

Linking up with Jen for the highlights of the past few weeks.


It wasn't even Halloween when talk turned to Christmas and I received a surprise visit at my lia sophia booth during a joint home show, wine tasting, and fundraiser.


Two dance competitions within three weeks and flanking my department's biggest event of the year may be something I rethink in the future. The weekends were filled to the brim of a delightful mix of stress and fun. Fortunately there were good friends along for the ride.


One weekend included my first trip to Six Flags on which we only rode one, yes one, roller coaster. Long story short, going in October does not make the lines shorter. Superman was pretty cool...I was a little too scared to even scream.


Halloween flew by fast. I am a little disappointed that I did not get a chance to be creative and come up with a costume. The only seasonal dressy up I did was on my nails.


Halloween is not complete without pumpkin carving alongside a little Saint, Tinkerbell, Matador and Bull. The pumpkins looked fantastic! I am a little partial to my pumpk-guin.


I got the chance to visit with two dear friends of mine from college last weekend. One I had not seen in five years! It was so nice to catch up and feel like nothing really had changed.

Oh, college girls...

If you have not checked out this photo documentary of the photographer's wife and her journey with breast cancer, then do! It is stunningly beautiful. 
It really hit home having a friend battling cancer right now and watching her document her journey on facebook.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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