Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Perfect Red Dress

'Tis the season for red attire to suddenly appear. Whether red is in or out it is sure to be found everywhere specifically for holiday parties. 
Red is my favorite color and yet, there is not much of it in my closet. You see, I love red so much that I have high expectations of anything and everything that dons my dear crimson. Each year the coming of the holiday colors is joined with my search for the perfect red (insert item of desire here).

For years I searched for the perfect red dress. 
My search often ended in complete frustration. I felt like stores took frumpy, weird, scanty, or ho-hum dresses and made them in red because someone just might buy it simply because of the color. I was not so easily convinced. I should note I did indeed find several nice dresses, but there was always something off that they were not the dress.

Then with the dawn of multiple weddings and online bridesmaid dress shopping, I found what I thought was the dress at David's Bridal. Unfortunately it seemed a bit fancier than needed for my dressier occasions and out of my price range. I pinned for it and a good friend solemnly swore that when she got married I could wear it to her wedding. A year went by and happily engaged she did not forget her promise and reminded me of my obligation to wear the red dress to her wedding (what a true friend). While her sister tried on bridesmaid dresses, 
I found my red dress.

 The right shade.
A classic timeless style. 

Fancy enough for a special occassion, but not too fancy for a special date.
Danceable and comfortable or all night.

 And most importantly, it made me feel pretty and smile.
The perfect red dress.
Displaying photo.JPG
Towering height brought to you by ridiculous heels and barefeet. I'm actually half an inch shorter.
On to the perfect red sweater!
Any suggestions?

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