Friday, September 5, 2014

Seven Quick Takes or Failures Sevenfold


That was the name of the game this week.

The fact that this week of insignificant trivial failures followed a month of living and spreading joy is slightly ironic. I wish I could say that Joy-gust completely reformed me and I took each of these insignificant, trivial moments in stride and as cool as a cucumber.
The humor of them, however, did not escape me and the frustration did not stay long.

And because the least embarrassing thing to do 
with embarrassing moments is to share them on the www, 
I give you my week.


While getting ready one morning I decided to make hardboiled eggs. I filled up the pot, turned on the stove and set a timer to remind myself to check on the progress. Awhile later I realized the timer had not gone off. A quick check of the phone verified that I had started and stopped the timer after mere seconds.


I ran to view the progress of the eggs and found a happy pot sitting upon the stove at room temperature.
The burner was out.
And the pot, water and all went into the fridge for another day.


My dad asked me to pick him up some coffee on my way to meet up with the family.
I arrived to an empty house.
I called and discovered everyone was at my sisters.
For some reason I assumed "here" meant "home."
For another unknown reason I assumed "we're at your sister's" meant "we're at our house."
Fortunately, his coffee was just as good reheated. 
Or just as bad, depending on how you taste it.


I had every intention of going to the gym for the second time this week.
I scheduled time, 
packed my gym bag,
put it in my car,
remembered a water bottle...
what I did not remember was a bit more important.
One can workout without the socks I forgot to grab from the dryer.
It is much more difficult to workout without a shirt.


During a staff meeting it was brought to my attention that a question about the choice of agenda template used at our recent Fall luncheon had been used.
Apparently nothing says fall themed better than a marijuana shaped leaf.
Excuse me while I go fix my skirt, 
my naivety is showing.


This morning I could not find my phone, so I assumed I had left it at my parents' house. 
I did not have time to go over to pick it up, 
so I decided I would call to see if it was there once I arrived at work.
I got to the phone, put the receiver to my ear, and...
blanked on my parents' new number.
No big deal, I thought, I'll look it up in my contacts...
oh wait.


Wondering how take two of the eggs turned out?

Thank goodness for the microwave.



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  1. Hugs to you Christina! Sounds like you need to end this week with some chocolate :) Although, I have to say, #5 made me laugh! Hope next week goes better!!

    1. Last week must be to blame for my chocolate cravings then!
      #5, oh my, it is pretty up there on my list of top embarrassing work moments.

  2. Andrew and I are both cracking up over #5...thanks for that image! Please say Jim was involved in that meeting...

    1. Haha! I'm glad it gave you both a good laugh. No, Jim wasn't there. He went to work at the local Catholic radio station this year. Perfect for him, right?

  3. #4 and 5, too funny! I tried hard boiled eggs this week, and mine were overcooked. So if we add ours together, then they came out perfect, right? Have a great weekend! -Jess

    1. Yes!
      Fortunately, I was able to re-boil the eggs. They were a little on the done side, but much better than mushy and uncooked.

  4. Oh, boy! That was a winner of a week! Regarding #6, do you sync your contacts with Google? I know you can do that on iOS, and there's got to be a way for Android. Then it would have been in your Gmail contacts, accessible from your work computer!

    #5 is crazy! When I was in ACE, a friend was teaching a mini-lesson to us classmates. He accidentally referred to a geometrical point placed on a desk in his diagram as "Vacant Desk, point V.D." Yikes!

    1. Thank you for the tip! I am so not savvy in that area. I will have to do that right away!

      Oh my, that story makes me want to hide under a table for him!


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