Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe

Have you heard about the latest and greatest minimalist trend, the capsule wardrobe?
I first heard of it from Kate, who is utilizing the concept for her maternity wardrobe.
Then Natalie, announced she was trying it out.
And then, I finally found my way to their source, Caroline.
Much like the 30 for 30 experiment many tried a few years back,
the capsule wardrobe begins with the concept of narrowing your wardrobe to versatile pieces that you love and teaching yourself to stretch your styling muscles.
With a capsule, however, it is a bit longer than 30 days,
it is a season or three months.
The idea of narrowing down your wardrobe to a minimal amount and discovering what you truly miss and need and what you never wear and do not even remember owning
is intriguing to me.
I love the idea,
but I also really love clothes
and variety
and shopping
and shoes
and being able to put off my laundry
and clothes...
so I am hesitant.
The knowledge that my life is at a transition point,
where I will be packing and moving onto a new stage
that includes sharing a closet for the first time in my life
and with boy,
is tugging at me.
Maybe I need to learn to let go a bit more.
Maybe I need to learn what I really need and what is excess.
Maybe I need to downsize before he finds out how much comes with me ;)
Honestly though, it has gone through my head.
If I do move forward, I will have to make some adaptations, because I do have a full time job which requires business attire that I do not wear any other day,
and the weather is a bit colder here than Texas
which means snow boots and winter coats of varying warmth
may make an appearance even mid-Fall.
What are your thoughts?
Have you ever considered doing something like this?
What would you do?

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