Friday, October 3, 2014

I am...

Thinking about...
my to do list, in particular, the wedding one.
Word from the wise,
Wedding Wire's check list is much less stressful to look at than the Knot's.
According to Wedding Wire, I am only three steps behind and have four left for the month;
according to the Knot, I need to catch up on eight and I lost count of the rest;
and according to me, those lists put too much into one bullet point.
Thankful for...
the people in my life that call me to be the best version of myself.

Johnny Appleseed is buried here which is something I forget until September.
The Johnny Appleseed festival is a highlight of my Fall.
My apple allergy, however, tends to put a damper on things,
but I do not let it rain on my parade.
I am sorry if you now have Streisand singing in your head.
Well, maybe  only just a little bit sorry.
reading more.
In the past few weeks I have read two whole books!


Notre Dame football.

my Fall wardrobe.
Boxing up a season's clothes and pulling out the next is always exciting.
There is something so satisfying about having that "new" wardrobe feeling and knowing it did not cost you a dime (at least this year).



Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. What an Irish win tonight! And I didn't know that was a quote from Anne-an-E! I love it even more now :) -Jess

  2. You can be allergic to apples? That's terrible! I literally eat an apple a day. I would cry if I couldn't do that anymore.


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