Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bridal Brain

In an attempt to stay connected despite our busy schedules,
B and I share our Google calendars with each other.
This works well for me and my love of planning
and B, despite being a lover of spontaneity, likes the structure as well.
Yesterday I saw an addition to B's calendar for his morning that warmed my heart.
A week ago he had agreed to check out a few local hotels and inns to make a recommendation for reserving rooms for the wedding.
Due to overtime at work and other commitments, this task had yet to be completed.
So imagine the joy when I saw that he was visiting hotels early in the morning.
Planners, don't you agree that there is nothing like
knowing that someone took the time to plan for you?
My knees were melting.
And even though there was a typo,
I was oh so proud.
V and H are near each other, especially on a phone's keypad.
I was so excited that I could not wait until the evening
and sent a quick text checking in and asking after his morning.
I could not wait to hear him report his findings
and smother him with praise of his goodness.
His morning was rough.
He went to the wrong polling location.
And it hit me.
It was not a typo.
The V was not meant to be an H
and the L was not really an L at all.
Plain as day.
It has happened.
My brain is no longer functioning normally.
I am still proud of him though.


  1. Haha! That is a great story. See, spelling is important! ;)

  2. Christina, I was looking forward to reading all your posts in November. It is now the 12th - almost halfway through - and you have two under your belt. Just thought I'd tease you a bit! ;)

  3. No, wait...I'll give you three!

    1. I deserve the teasing. Just scheduled my post for today. It'll explain it a bit. But I do have a lot to catch up on now!


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