Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Eyes

I spent today with over 700 eighth graders at a youth rally.
It was a long, but very rewarding day.

One of the highlights was a session just for the girls on being a young woman of faith. The speaker shared her faith journey and challenged the girls to stop tearing each other down and to highlight the good in each other. The choice to focus on the inner beauty of others was something she had her eyes opened to when she lost not only her vision but her eyes to cancer. 

Yes, this amazing woman was blind.

And despite her lack of vision, she saw, understood, and touched these young women deeply. 

She couldn't see the awe on their young faces as they listened, the growing line of girls waiting to ask her a question, the dozen turned away when time ran out, the stack of her business cards gone within seconds, or any of the signs of the reach of her words.

I could.

I am seeing the world with new eyes tonight.

Eyes opened by someone who can see better than me.

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