Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sure Sign of Spring

The grass is getting greener, buds are showing up on trees, the daffodils are blooming,
my desire for a daily walk has tripled, and make up and fabrics are becoming lighter-
the signs are here and it can only mean one thing...

It's Clinique gift time!*

This is one sure sign of Spring that I always anticipate.
I try other products and I always come back to Clinique.
The products are high quality, apply beautifully, never disappoint,
and most importantly, do not irritate my sensitive skin and eyes.

Here are some of my favorites that I will be snagging this Spring: 

Even Better Foundation

Even Better Makeup SPF 15
Macy's - Von Maur

I was wearing a mineral liquid foundation and then this was recommended to me during a make up consultation for my sister's wedding a couple years ago. I am so glad I switched! The formula brightens and evens up my skin
hiding my scars, discoloration, any breakouts and sallowness from aging.
The shades also blend beautifully. Neutral (MF-N) matches my skin tone like a dream. Hooray for no foundation lines!

All About Eyes Concealer

All About Eyes Concealer
Macy's - Von Maur

When it comes to under eye circles I am a triple threat:
 genetics, bad allergies, and a night owl by nature.
I have been so pleased with the coverage of this concealer.
Developed for under eyes, it not only covers but cares for this sensitive area.
It is also creamy enough that it provides coverage on trouble spots elsewhere
so there is no need to have two products.
I don't think anything will every make them go away completely but I have noticed a difference in the brightness under my eyes when I am without make up.
A little goes a long way. My tube has lasted me about a year. I wear Light Golden.

Dramatically Different Moisturizer

Dramatically Different <BR>Moisturizing Lotion+
Macy's - Von Maur

I wrote about this one not too long ago, but it is worth pointing out again.
The name truly says it all.
Currently I am using the lotion formula. I hope to try the gel.

Lash Power Feathering Mascara

Lash Power<BR>Feathering Mascara
Macy's - Von Maur

This is my favorite mascara by far.
It isn't waterproof, but it is long lasting
and because it isn't designed to come off simply with water,
 it stands up to teary or watery eyes like mine.
I just ran out and accidentally ordered the Doubling Lash Mascara in my last order.
A comparison post may be coming your way.

Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm

Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm
Macy's - Von Maur

Can I tell you a secret?
Blush is one of the hardest things for me to apply.
I have had some blush-tastrophies in my day. I
 get a little nervous when I go to apply and brighter colors always make me feel a bit done up (but they are a must for capturing special occasions).
The creamy consistency of the Chubby Stick makes blending extremely easy for me
and the end result is very natural.
I wear amp'd up apple almost daily.

Take advantage of getting a complete Spring look for free
and try one of these products out yourself.
You will have to fill me in if you do!

Any other Clinique girls out there?
What are your favorite products?

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*As of the day this was posted it was gift time at Macy's and Von Maur.
**Disclaimer: Clinique, Macy's, and Von Maur have no idea who I am...
I'd be happy to change that ;)

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  1. I love Clinique. It is my favorite. Though the last time I bought their mascara--I haven't been real happy with it. Clumpy. But it is one of the few that doesn't make my eyes itch. I'm not sure off the top of my head which I one I got though. :)


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