Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Story In Pictures Part Two

Part Two
When we told my grandparents of our engagement my grandfather responded,
"and now you really get to know each other."
As always, he was right.
It is amazing how a simple question and answer changes everything.
Sure our titles changed. We went from friends, to sweethearts, to fiancée and fiancé.
But the entire lens through which we see each other changed.
It magnifies everything.
The little things that you overlooked suddenly irritate you.
The little things you overlooked suddenly have you falling head over heels all over again.
I suspect in two months that magnifying glass will be turned into a telescope worthy of NASA.
For now I am trying to live in the moment and embrace all the joys this season brings for us.
I love candid shots, but have a double dose of camera shy,
and have a hard time relaxing and being myself.
Luckily we found a photographer that is talented, good at helping us be at ease,
and capturing us being just us.
He also was willing to freeze outside and embrace the beauty of the blustery fall day.
If you are a fellow Hoosier, I highly recommend you check out Dustin & Corynn.
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