Monday, May 18, 2015

For the Love of Names

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I love names.
Their origins, meanings, pronunciation, nicknames, etc. fascinate me.
I am the girl that figured out the most popular names on her wedding guest list.
They're James and Elizabeth, in case you wondered.
I have an ever ongoing list of favorite names that is constantly growing.
If we are blessed with children, I know my future spouse may tire of the topic quickly
for I know I will obsess over finding the perfect name for our child.
I especially love unique names and have to admit that I slightly bemoan the fact that some of my favorite names are prominently listed on the top 10 list.
I'm a trend-setter in an odd sort of way, I guess.
So when Emily sent me the link to Time's
I could not resist plugging in my name...and a whole lot of others...
Growing up I rarely ever met another Christina,
especially who spelled her name with a Ch and not a K.
So I was slightly surprised when it told me my name was 12th on the list for girls born the same year as I. I had no idea it would be so high on the list.
If my parents would have named me the 12th most popular girls name
in each decade I would be named:
Today: Sofia
2000's: Rachel
1990's: Michelle
1980's: Kelly
1970's: Lori
1960's: Kathy
1950's: Judith
1940's: Helen
1930's: Lois
1920's: Florence
1910's: Edna
1900's: Clara
1890's: Nellie
I think I could live with these names.
I must admit, however, Sofia is my favorite.
If you are a fellow name nerd, or just like random facts or quizzes, check this out.
It's a fun less than 5 minute break from your to do list.
What would you be named today?

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  1. I love that you made this into a post. I can't remember all the names it gave me, but I do know that I would be Avery today!


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