Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Host Features Part Two

It's the first Tuesday in September already! 
I can barely believe it - as is evidenced by my tardy post.
It has been a good while since the last host features post.
Today I'd like to introduce you to four more of the lovely ladies behind Tuesday Talk.
I hope you enjoy getting to know them better
as much as I enjoy collaborating with them each week.
Jess and Katie at Sweet Little Ones
Let's start off with a two for one introduction! 
I have known Jess and Katie since undergrad and I cannot say enough about these sisters.
They are just as sweet, funny, and creative as their blog suggests.
I love how beautifully authentic the girls are sharing stories of infertility, adoption and pregnancy, monthly goals, and football love.
Elizabeth at All Kinds of Things
The simplicity and practicality of Elizabeth's posts draw you in.
I love how her gentle heart shines through even when she is talking about saving money.
You can tell she was and will always be a teacher!
If you follow her on social media, you have heard the wonderful news
about the birth of her little girl!
Before you go to oh and ah over baby pictures,
you have got to check out Elizabeth's post about her pregnancy crazy moments!
Michelle at Grammie Time
Grammie Time is the perfect title for Michelle's blog.
Make a list of all the virtues you love in your own grandmother and Michelle is just that!
She always has me drooling over her recipes
 - what visit to grandma's house would be complete without yummy food?
She is also the queen of support and comments. If you have linked up for Tuesday Talk before I am sure you have received a glowing comment from Michelle a time or two!

And now for some congratulations!
In addition to the arrival of Elizabeth's little girl, two of our co-hosts have some exciting news.
First, Keri at Living in this Season is now co-hosting a second link up, Mama Sharing Monday. Check it out and take advantage of this new opportunity.
Second, we have a new mama among us! Lauren at Simply Free just announced that she and her husband are expecting a little one in March! Congratulations Lauren!
Now for the link up!
Please make sure you link back to at least one of the hosts in your post, sidebar, or party page for the opportunity to be selected for our feature posts or pinned to our board.
Your blog is being shared on our 13 blogs and we would love it if you would return the favor and link back to us (you can grab the button below)! Thanks so much!
Waltzing In Beauty

Check out the Tuesday Talk guidelines here,  and check out the features from every week here!
  We'd love to connect with you! Please follow us in some way!

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married Series - www.sweetlittleonesblog.com for www.waltzinginbeauty.blogspot.com

Keri - Living In This Season  ~ Christina - Waltzing In Beauty
Tara - Mrs. Coach Sims ~ Lauren - Simply Free
Jess and Katie - Sweet Little Ones ~ Whitney - Polka Dotty Place
Becky - BYBMG ~ Elizabeth - All Kinds Of Things

I cannot wait to read your post!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thank you so much for that shout out! That was so kind of you. I'm glad you mentioned Elizabeth and Lauren. I did too on my post for Tuesday Talk. Co-hosts have to share the love between us all.

  2. Christina, I am so behind on comments! But thank you so much for highlighting us! I am so glad that we met you way back when (almost 11 years now I think?!) You have always been a wonderful friend and inspiration. I'm looking forward to sharing the joys of motherhood with you now! :) -Jess, Sweet Little Ones


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