Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Host Features

Welcome back for another round of Tuesday Talk!
I am still full of excitement to be a new host for this great link-up.
These girls are top notch- so welcoming and supportive.
I have loved getting to know each of them better these past few weeks.
If you haven't visited each of our hosts, you really should.
Keri - Living In This Season  ~ Christina - Waltzing In Beauty
Tara - Mrs. Coach Sims ~ Lauren - Simply Free
Jess and Katie - Sweet Little Ones ~ Whitney - Polka Dotty Place
Becky - BYBMG ~ Elizabeth - All Kinds Of Things
Tuesday Talk is about sharing and supporting each other;
each month I hope to give back and feature some of the great work being shared.
Make sure you link back for the chance to be featured!
Today I want to highlight some of our lovely leaders and their posts that have inspired me.

 It was just us four little women around my house for a very long time.
I have a soft spot for families of all girls and anything celebrating sisterhood because of it.
Beth's blog title is one of those that draws me in.
Growing up in the Midwest, I am accustomed to tornadoes.
I have been lucky enough to never be personally touched, however, I have seen the damage in the area or on the news.
Beth's post on how we can really help disaster victims is inspiring,
as is her story on how a weather tragedy changed her life for the better.
The opening page of Tara's blog told me, before I read a single word,
I would love this fun, faith-filled girl.
Can I just say, I love her pages!
She has posted her bucket list and has a prayer sharing page.
Her writing is refreshing to read, because it is so open and honest.
Tara doesn't let her past keep her from sharing to help others in their relationships and marriages. Her authenticity is courageous and uplifting.
Lauren at Simply Free
Check out this girl's  series page!
Tons of great stuff there!
I could spend hours (okay, I have spent those hours) browsing home architecture and interior design posts. My favorites are those that do not hide that real people actually live in the house and Lauren does just that with her home tours.

Amy is another of our new co-hosts.
She and I met in college and I am so thrilled that blogging has reconnected us.
One thing that always struck me about Amy was that despite being surrounded by sweatshirt clad classmates, she always looked put together and was true to herself.
The importance of getting dressed and putting your best foot forward is something I feel strongly about; I was so glad to read that Amy's stance on dressing well has not changed.
This post is geared for moms, but the principles are something all women can practice.

She also has a page dedicated to cocktails. How can you not love that?
Despite being a night owl, I love mornings...
when I have the time to relax and enjoy them that is, hence the challenge.
I am soaking up all of Emily's great advice about using your morning time well.
She even talks about greeting your children joyfully in the morning,
I am sure her tips apply to anyone in your family.
I am taking notes!

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Waltzing In Beauty
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  1. What a nice way to introduce our co-hosts to the readers. Great idea!


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