Friday, June 5, 2015


A few days ago I was talking to my sister and I found myself saying,
"Don't worry about doing that tomorrow. It's not June yet..."
Her eyes gleamed knowingly while the words came out of my mouth
and I realized exactly what I was saying and how very wrong I was.
How can it be June already?
I have been waiting for this June to arrive since, well, last June,
but truthfully a good portion of my life.
It is finally here and I could not be more happy about it.
If I write a whole post punctuated solely in exclamation points in the near future,
know I am not yelling,
I am just a tiny bit excited about life over here.
Currently I am...

to help a girlfriend pack for a work conference.
Packing is always much more fun when done in community over pizza and a glass of wine.

my new favorite sandals.
Soooo comfortable and they can be dressed up or down.
I own them in black and
now they're on sale in red and mint!
You all know how I feel about red shoes, right?
Needless to say this also counts as a purchasing update.
I cannot think of anything clever to say so that'll have to do.
my wedding to do list.
I cannot wait to sit out in the sun and read!
I'll be starting with my cousin's book.
Any recommendations for beach honeymoon reading?
the elevator scene from You've Got Mail in my mind.
Two people were trapped in our elevator today.
I hope they had a life altering conversation/realization.
If one gets stuck in the elevator it seems almost mandatory for them to come forth from the depths with wisdom or at least to make something up for a better story.
Don't you think?
I am never using the elevator without my cell phone again.
Tonight, however, I am getting my workout in and taking the stairs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ohhh those sandals are adorable!!! And You've Got Mail? How dearly I love that movie:)

  2. Wedding plans? How exciting! Congrats. I love You've Got Mail. I saw that movie when Brian (my hubby) and I were falling in love over letters and emails. We hadn't yet met face to face. You can see why the movie has a special place in my heart. ;-)

  3. That is a super cute organizer. Is it yours?

    (To add a relevant comment if not:) Water is a pretty fab thing to be drinking. I have been intentionally hydrating through my workdays, and I feel great!


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