Monday, April 4, 2016

Glorious Motherhood

There's something new on Instagram today. I'm joining up with some fabulous moms in forming a community to celebrate and support motherhood.
Between the messes, mundane, and monotonous the beauty of motherhood is often hidden. We discover the mystery of motherhood by delving in and rejoicing in the sweetest surprises waiting for us each day. It is #gloriousmotherhood 

Glorious motherhood means to live in the ordinary. To find the beauty and redemption in everyday things. From laundry to dishes. Sticky floors and wet diapers. As we celebrate glorious motherhood, we see God’s glory. 
Together, we can lift up our weary and wonder-filled hearts. The journey of motherhood can feel isolating, so let’s stand up and say together: Good job, momma! You can do this! Motherhood is hard, but oh so glorious! We won't condemn. We won't scoff your choices and ideas. Motherhood is glorious in all of its facets.
Throughout the week, will you join us on Instagram?
 Snap a picture of your regular, ordinary, motherhood moments and use our hashtag: #gloriousmotherhood. As we scroll through the photos, we will be able to get a glimpse of each other's glorious moments. The happy smiles. The messy tables. The books with pen marks. The lazy park days. Its all glorious! We’ll be able to see how glorious the ordinary can truly be. Spread the word and encourage one another to find community in our motherhood.
Together, we can say: Motherhood is Glorious!

Check out my feed @waltzinginbeauty and follow along! 

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