Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Talk Host Features: Tina

Welcome back for our third edition of Tuesday Talk Host Features!
Today I am excited to introduce you to another one of our awesome co-hosts, Tina at Go Big or Go Home

Describe yourself in 3 words:

This is a hard one! I guess I would have to say I'm a planner, reliable, and a doer.... I like to do things! You can see more things about me on my About Page.

What are five of your favorite things?

I have a lot of favorite things, so to pick a top five is going to be hard. But here are a few I can think of right now!
1) Oreos. Anytime, anywhere. I could eat those things all day long.
2) Glitter. It makes almost anything look better.
3) Iced coffee. I make extra strong coffee, mix it with almond milk, and then add chocolate syrup. It's like a iced mocha. Sooooo gooooood.
4) Exercising! I know this is obnoxious and annoying to list as a favorite thing, and I'm not sure I would call it my favorite thing while exercising, but afterward I feel like a million bucks, so I felt like I had to list it.
5) Girl talk. I love getting together with my girls and talking, chatting, encouraging one another, all while eating yummy snacks of course. 

What is a motto you live by?

Go big or go home! It's my motto and where I get my blog name. I like to do things the way they should be done, going all the way. Otherwise it's silly to even start if you are only going to do a half job.

What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?

My husband! He is a great encourager and partner and even when I'm in sweatpants and in need of a shower, he can make me feel beautiful!

What would your one piece of blogging advice be for our readers?

Something I think every blogger needs to remember is to always stay true to your content. If you want to be writing about your life, recipes, and your dog, stick to it. Don't worry about how many people read your posts or get discouraged if they aren't being read. Stay focused on writing what you enjoy writing about- that's what is important!

What is your favorite meal?

So hard. I love to eat, especially if I don't have to cook it. But I love grilled chicken, homemade fries, and steamed broccoli. And of course it should include dessert.... probably oreo ice cream with fudge.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

Mine would be the beach- any nice, warm, sunny beach. My family mainly sticks to the east coast and we have loved visiting Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

What's your favorite vacation spot, readers?
Comment below!

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  1. So nice to learn a few more things about Tina. The beach, I have to agree with her on best vacation spot.

  2. Thanks for this intro to one of our beautiful hostesses!

  3. Featuring this on next week's Tuesday Talk.


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