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With Grit & Grace - March

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We were thrilled to have such a nice showing for our first link-up last month!
Please consider joining us as we grow our goal-setting community!
February Goals Recap:
- Prepare freezer meals
- Hospital tour and baby plan
- Paint Guest Room
- Clean each room so all that is necessary is maintenance until Baby  
I'm tempted to cross this one off, even though we only tackled the public living areas. This is one of those goals that you look back on and say, I wasn't specific enough on how to accomplish it. The heart of this goal was to have the house in a state that we could host guests whenever Baby chooses to arrive. We met the spirit of this goal, for us, but there's still a lot of organizing projects left. At this point, however, any of those that get accomplished are considered a bonus.
- Print, frame, and hang a wedding photo
- Choose a book and read before bed 
I have my book to read, but right now my before bed ritual has become: eat dinner, fall asleep on the couch, wake up, get ready for bed, talk to B, fall asleep. A different time will be better for me.
- Say the Serenity Prayer each day

Not at 100% yet, but slowly getting there. Adding a reminder to my phone to help with this one.
- Board Game Night

Overall, I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish in our short month.

March Goals:  
- Build crib
- Install car seat
- Pack hospital bags
- Write and send baby shower thank you notes
- Birthday celebration for B
- Date night
- Say Serenity Prayer each day
- Read a book
- Have a baby!

In keeping with my resolution to live 2016 in serenity, 
 my focus is to share my top priorities on my to do list
and to tackle this list with grit and a whole lot of grace.
Please join us

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  1. Awwww! This list makes me sentimental. Don't stress and have a lot fun. Pregnancy is such an exciting time.

  2. Build the crib!? Now that is impressive lady:)

  3. I like that last goal! ;-) So excited to hear about your little one's arrival!

  4. Such exciting goals this month!! Getting ready for baby is so fun <3 I joined in on the link up this month, so grateful for this amazing community of women <3

  5. I love all the baby related goals- brings back so many good memories. Such a special time!

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