Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Boy vs. Girl - 37 Weeks

My sisters threw an adorable pink and blue penguin baby shower for us in January.
Since we are waiting to find out if Baby is a boy or girl,
we had to take a vote on what everyone thought baby would be.
The vote, of course, was preceded by modeling my changed figure and various questions based on old wives tales used to decipher the sex. I thought it would be fun to share some of those questions with you and my answers. Cast your vote in the comments and we'll see who is correct in the end!

33 weeks

Carrying High or Low

Ugh, how do you tell?
Some people say I'm carrying high, others say low.
I am of the opinion that both might be right.
The blessings of being short waisted.

Girl: 0
Boy: 0


Oh, yes.

Girl: 1
Boy: 0

34 weeks
Basketball vs. Football


Girl: 2
Boy: 0
Craving Sweets or Meats

Peanut butter is protein, so I'll count that as a meat, but then I'm also craving salads and fruit...
but any meal without protein doesn't satisfy me, so I'm leaning towards the meats category.

I am discounting my ice cream cravings,
because I have never met a pregnant woman that doesn't want ice cream.

Girl: 2
Boy: 1

35 weeks

Chinese Predictor

I took it twice on two different sites: one said boy, one said girl. 
Another draw.

Girl: 2
Boy: 1


I'm not sure how this is a predictor.
It seems to me that weight gain over a short period of time would always lead to clumsiness
and what if one was clumsy prior to pregnancy?

Girl: 2
Boy: 2

36 weeks

Dad's Weight

B has gained a few Daddy Pounds.
Nothing returning to the gym after months of overtime won't fix.

Girl: 3
Boy: 2

Sleep Position

I cannot sleep on my right side at all.
From what I can tell, Baby is facing the right side and must be a back sleeper.

Girl: 3
Boy: 3 

37 weeks
Heart Rate

Baby's Heart Rate at first was lower, then it was right at 140, 
and now it's consistently in the 150-160 range.

Girl: 4

Word on the Street

Most people tell me it's a boy.
That was the consensus at my shower.

Girl: 4
Boy: 4

Mother's Intuition

As soon as I think it might be a boy/girl, then my intuition kicks in 
and tells me I must be wrong,
convincing me it must be the opposite.
I have had dreams about labor, but none that included seeing the Baby.
All I ever see is a blanket around our little bundle of joy.

Girl: 4
Boy: 4

It's a baby! 

What do you think?
I'd love to hear in the comments.
I have a grand ol' prize of,
"Congratulations, you were right!" 
waiting for you. ;)

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  1. It's a boy. I was much sicker with my boy and my stomach pooched out like yours. We had a lady at church that always knew and always brought the gift for the sex and she was right. Didn't have sonos back then. So neat you are waiting to find out.

  2. Hahaha what a fun post! You've got one thing right - it's a BABY! Woo hoo! (But seriously, have you tried the needle and string trick yet???)

    People can say what they want about this - and they'll say plenty. But the truth is you just don't know for sure unless you get an ultrasound or the baby comes out!

    So glad the pregnancy is coming along well! Best wishes to you, girl!

  3. Looking gorgeous, girl!!

    My hubby thinks ours is a boy, but I had a dream it was a girl. I've pretty much given up on my intuition though because honestly I have no idea and no signs. ;) Plus we both are excited for either one!

    Happy birth month, momma!!


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