Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Currently - March

I hope you enjoyed your bonus day yesterday.
We really ought to sign a petition for February 29th to be a national holiday that is celebrated with sleeping in and staying home in pajamas all day. Who's with me?

February flies by each year and this year was no exception.
It's hard to believe we are at the start of a new month!
Here's what we've been up to currently...

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for our due date to stay away as long as possible and be here now all at the same time.
26 days (give or take a dozen, right?) to go!


a good nights sleep with a large side of energy.


on 13...
We always talk about little ones being 13 going on 30,
but what about the 30 year olds?
I do not feel like I'm in my thirties at all.
That thirteen year old girl with all her dreams and fears is still very much here.
And the emotions of that thirteen year old?
Those are the final month of pregnancy for me.


Blanqi every day.


a lot about myself and life.
Some days I feel like that thirteen year old girl
- lonely, scared, stressed by the idea of seeing people, and crying over nothing and everything.
Thank goodness I have so many beautiful moments to reflect on and some wonderful family and friends to run to and remember the good things.
Pregnancy is hard.
I know we haven't reached the end yet,
but it is worth it.
It is beautiful.
It's hard not to laugh with Baby hiccups in your belly.

Thanks for your companionship on the journey, dear reader!
Happy March 1st! 

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