Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Did you know that last week was Food Allergy Awareness Week?

Neither did I.
I am glad to hear there is such a thing. 

Thanks to Rebecca at Strength in Sunshine for linking up Tanner's story on the subject.
Her post was also the most viewed from last week's Tuesday Talk.

Growing up attempting to avoid clams, animals, perfumes, dust mites, trees, and everything in between (or as my husband likes to say, "ask for what she's not allergic to, the list is shorter"), my heart goes out to this family.

Allergies are just one of the million things you can never fully understand until you've experienced them. Many know the outward manifestations of allergies: hives, rash, shock, but the hardest reactions to allergens to explain are those that go without being seen: difficulties breathing, living in a fog, and the overwhelming sense of dread or that you're crawling out of your skin. And the worst is the unfortunate instance when people assume it is an overreaction and that you just don't "like" the offending item.
If I have learned anything from allergies is to be more empathetic of the ailments of others, especially those I do not understand.
It would, however, be nice to learn that lesson in a way that did not prohibit puppies, kitties, bunnies, horses...

Good news is I can have a pet pig!

Bad news is no farm animals for pets according to our home owners association.
 I'm not sure if pigs can be house trained anyway... 

Now on to the link up!

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