Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Shape of Our Homes Guest Series

Pregnancy was a whirlwind of beautiful ups and downs and I the first weeks as a family of three have been even more of a blur! I want to take in all this season of our life has to offer so I've been stepping back from blogging to transition and enjoy this stage. Inspired by the nesting urge of pregnancy, I'm excited to share with you a guest series focused on the important task of turning a house into a home. 

Personally, I did not have a more than normal desire to decorate and clean my home, the difference was that a real deadline for a dramatic change was ever present. Reflecting on it, I found that this "nesting" wasn't something unique to mom's-to-be, it was just a caveat of an ever present and deeper desire. As women we desire beauty. We want our surroundings to be beautiful - like the pictures we are drawn to on Pinterest. We want to be a part of that beauty; to provide it to others; to innately posses it. We look at our homes, meals, bodies, etc. as a reflection of our inner worth. In essence, as we mold our lives we are showing the world the shape of our hearts.

The Shape of our Homes is a series celebrating the ways in which we shape our homes to reflect our hearts. Decorating, DIY projects, recipes, family rules, family traditions, etc. they all fit into this vision. Over the next few weeks, I'm thrilled to share the hearts and homes of some truly amazing women. Won't you join us?

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  1. Looking forward to your series Christina. Enjoy your blog break!

  2. I'm looking forward to this series! It's going to be great! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones


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