Thursday, May 26, 2016

Family Tradition: Wake-Up Gift

Christina is doing a wonderful series about the Shape of our Homes, and I jumped at the chance to guest post! The series is such a good idea- how we like to pass on the beauty that we see around us and it's reflected in our homes, decorating, and traditions. 

As soon as I read Christina's description of this series, I knew I wanted to share one of my favorite family traditions I grew up with and continue with my husband and now my son! It's a wake-up gift on your birthday.


Growing up, my mom and dad would buy a small, special gift for us to open on our birthday morning. They would sneak in while we were sleeping {kind of like the tooth fairy!} and leave our wake-up gift on our bed-side table, waiting there for us the moment our eyes opened on our birthday. It could be anything from our favorite candy or cereal, to hair ties, small pieces of jewelry, or action figures. 

For some ideas, I've rounded up gift guide for guys, gals, and kids! 


It's a great way to start your special day off with an exciting note, no matter what there is going on that day- work, school, boring meetings or tests. Even as adults, Matt and I have continued to do this back and forth and we even started with Jude on his first birthday. You can read about what we did for him here


This family tradition has been even more fun with Jude. He doesn't quite understand yet, but I want him growing up knowing that he is loved, cherished, and celebrated in our family and this is just an excuse to show him our love!


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  1. What a wonderful idea We have a similar birthday blessing - the celebration plate. Where the guest of honor for whatever event receives the celebration plate at all meals for their special honor.

  2. What a sweet idea to start off a special day! I really like it! My husband gave me my bday gift in the morning and brought flowers into our bedroom that he was hiding who-know-where and we got to celebrate for a few minutes before he went off to work. It was such a sweet gesture and I felt so loved. I definitely want to make it a tradition when we have kids one day to start off the day with something small that makes them feel special as soon as they open their eyes on their bday.


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