Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our Summer Fun List

The Summer season is fast approaching. It is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around, because my Spring seems to have been gone by without me recognizing its existence. The first few months postpartum have a way of doing that to you. So our Spring cleaning to-do list has shifted to a Summer to-do list, but that won't be taking away from our desires for Summer fun. We'll just have to do our chores first! 

Here's what is on our Summer Fun List:

Gardening & Landscaping

B heads this one up. I admire how motivated he is to plant and care for our own vegetables and fruits. I also love that he cares about the flowers just as much.

Summer Cooking

I am so excited to cook with our fresh produce and use my new vegetable spiralizer. It spins the vegetables so you end up with veggie spirals or noodles. I have been wanting one for a good while and finally bought it for myself this Christmas. I'll update the blog with recipes!

Meals Outside

And while we are enjoying the fruits or our labor, might as well take them back outside for the full experience. Our back patio is nothing fancy, but I love sitting outside with nature. I think my tea and I may relocate there while the baby sleeps. 

Daily Walks

The stroller and I are going to become good friends. :) 


Our city is known as the City of Festivals due to the many large and small festivals and fairs throughout the Summer. The opening festival to the season is this weekend. The highlight of GermanFest for us? The Wiener Dog Races!

Zoo Trips

We love our zoo! It is one of our favorite dates. In fact, I think I started falling for B during a zoo trip.

Pool & Lake Visits 

I am not looking forward to finding a new swimsuit or any vigorous laps, but reading by a body of water sounds wonderful right now. 


We haven't been home for the past few Independence Days. I'm looking forward to celebrating at home and meeting up with family to "oh" and "ah." We'll see how the baby does!

What is on your Summer Fun List?

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  1. So funny how eating a meal outside makes it taste better and seem like a party!

  2. I can't wait to see what you make with your spiralizer! We just got one this month - I'm looking forward to using it! I need some more recipes :) -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones


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