Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Talk Host Features: Laura

Today I'm featuring the lovely Laura from Life is Beautiful. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

First three that come to mind: joyful, authentic, frugal (I know, that third one's kind of odd for a top three ;) but in this new season of marriage and parenthood, I'm all about learning to live well on less).  
What are five of your favorite things? 

My amazing hubby, coffee or tea in a cute mug, fresh cut flowers on the table, reading books on the porch, and good conversations with girlfriends.

 What is a motto you live by?

 "God uses everything." or "Everything is grace." Both remind me that God is at work in the good, bad, and mundane days and that if we give every moment to Him, He will use it to make us the women we were meant to be. Nothing is wasted. There's a canvas He's painting that we can only see the tiny parts of in this life.  

What makes you feel beautiful inside and out? 

Word affirmation from my husband or others often can make me feel beautiful on the inside-- something that affirms my mind or heart, who I am on the inside. As for the outside-- doing my hair!! I have somewhat wavy, crazy hair if I let it air dry, so either curling it or straightening it makes me feel so much better! Makeup, too. It just adds some confidence to my step (and hides that third trimester sleep deprivation! ;) ).  

What would your one piece of blogging advice be for our readers? 

Be yourself. Don't compare to other bloggers. Be authentically you in your content and your voice. There's such a push right now to be a big blogger and it's important to blog for yourself and not for followers or growth. It's a balance to write for others' encouragement and inspiration yet not write for their approval.  

What is your favorite thing about the 4th of July? 

Ah! So many things! I love the cookout food and red/white/blue treats! Anything patriotic themed makes me happy. Oh, and the fireworks! 
 What's your favorite DIY trick or recipe or project? 
I don't know if this is my favorite, but I love my homemade dryer sheets! I'm not a fan of the nasty chemicals in the ones at the store, so I cut up a few old t-shirts into that size of squares, added them to a mason jar with enough vinegar for them to soak but not swim, and then about 20 drops of my favorite essential oil (this time I used grapefruit for summertime). My husband likes the simplicity of them and I like the nontoxic benefit! :)
Dear readers, what's your favorite DIY, recipe, or project? Make sure you check back in to Laura's blog throughout the summer for a baby update from this sweet mama.
On to the link-up! 

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  1. I really appreciate Laura's comment about writing for yourself and not pushing to be a "big" blogger. I started blogging back in 2006, and most people blogged for fun and friendship then. After a few year hiatus from blogging, I am now blogging again, and I have found things to be dramatically different. I don't even have an Instagram or Twitter account, and I cancelled my Facebook last year. I can feel like I'm so small and so inconspicuous that it's not even worth blogging. But I continue on for myself, because I enjoy writing and I have something to say.

    Patti @ Embracing Home

    1. Yes! Keep blogging, Patti! I've had my blog since 2008 and it has grown very slowly despite eight years-- several blogs I know have hugely grown in just one year. I too have wondered if I should continue since it seems a different world these days but then I remember why I started and the motivation is still there-- sharing, friendship, and writing for enjoyment. :) Thanks for the good thoughts!


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