Wednesday, June 1, 2016

With Grit & Grace - June

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May Goals Recap:

- Pick and send out birth announcements
- Thank you cards for baby gifts
Started, but not finished
- Remove snow snowed here in April and I had a newborn...but, yes, I'm mortified  this is on a list for May
- Organize our closet
This turned into a multi-layer project. We organized it once, determined it wasn't working and needed some more thought. We  have the tools and a plan and now we need to execute it. 
- Set up a chiropractor appointment 
- Say Serenity Prayer each day
Made some progress here. I'm moving my reminder to mid-day from the morning. Drowsy nursing is not the prime time for memorized prayer...or remembering whether or not you actually did say the prayer or not.

I kind of feel like my eyes were bigger than my stomach last month. I relearned the valuable lesson that bigger projects are only accomplished over several days (or weeks or months) by being broken down into bite size pieces. I also relearned that in this season the meat and potato tasks take more time and effort. It is good to have a goal to accomplish multiple courses, but to accept PB&J may all that can be served.

As I prepare to go back to work this month, my overarching goal is to prepare our hearts and home with the order they need to enter into our new schedule with a whole lot of grit and grace.

June Goals:
- Reinstitute a morning routine
- Reinstitute an evening routine
- Finish organizing our closet
- Box nonseasonal clothing
- Daily core building exercises
- Send out birth announcements
- Thank you cards for baby gifts
- Say Serenity Prayer each day

In keeping with my resolution to live 2016 in serenity, my focus is to share my top priorities on my to do list and to tackle this list with grit and a whole lot of grace. Please join us! 

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  1. I love that removing your snow tires was on the list for May. You have a new baby...give yourself PLENTY of grace!!

  2. Wow, you are on top of the birth announcements! I never end up sending mine out until my babies are four months old -eek! Better late than never, yes?


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