Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Electronic Reads

I love to learn. Even after spending almost 23 consecutive years as a student, I can say I am not tired of it. Often I find myself yearning to be in a situation to soak up the wisdom of a knowledgeable professor in their field. Adjusting to the ways of post-degree learning was a bit of a challenge. Suddenly the time to learn isn't scheduled for you and the primary requirement for your days. It is the thing on the back burner fighting to make it to the table before the lights go out. My dear friends, the challenge is real, but I am finding it is worth the effort.

Now that I am a mother, I am particularly interested in the knowledge of other moms. I want to know how they do motherhood and what they think of this unique vocation. I think that is part of the draw of blogs, but there is a new way to learn from other moms: the e-book and e-course! No need to squeeze a book in your purse, it's on your phone! This is particularly handy when you are stuck under a sleeping baby and you are striving to curb your social media addiction (not that I am speaking from experience, ahem).

Today I wanted to share with you some e-books/e-courses that I am working through or are next on my list. 

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by Sarah of Sarah E. Frazer

A brief five day study delving into Romans 5:1-5
My Theology loving nerd heart is so excited to pick this one up.

Driving home from an appointment last night, I had a "I don't know what else to do" moment and Ruthie's book popped into my head. I am ashamed to say when she first launched her book I didn't think I would be needing it so soon.

by Elizabeth of This Little Home of Mine

This just launched yesterday! Although we aren't quite preschool ready in my house,  I always love to be prepared and I can implement ideas with my nieces and nephews.

 by Natalie of At Home with Natalie

I am slowly working my way through implementing all the great tips Natalie has to offer. 
One thing to love about this course is it truly is a do at your own pace course!

Personal note: Natalie is my cousin (yes, she's just as sweet in real life) and this is an affiliate link.

As a new mom this is so helpful! I skimmed through it and now I'm soaking it all in. I love how real Keri is about motherhood.

Note: This is an affiliate link.

Have any e-book/e-courses you love and think I should pick up?  Let me know in the comments!

Link up time!

Waltzing In Beauty

Home Tour Tuesday - What our House Really Looks Like
by Lindsay of Lindsay's Sweet World
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my book, Christina! Yeah...that anger thing sneaks up faster than you think it will! All moms need advice on this, and I've had my fair share of anger bouts in my day!

    Hang in there! I can add you as an affiliate if you would like - let me know in the group, ok?

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