Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Fun Recap

With the school year beginning it is time to check in on our summer fun list and squeeze in the last few items before Labor Day and we begin looking towards Autumn! Here's what we were able to do and what didn't quite get done this year.

Gardening & Landscaping

My kitchen counters are full of fresh produce! This week's to do is freezing some for soups and casseroles.

Summer Cooking

Zucchini noodles were a hit!

Meals Outside

Between scorching humid days and dreary damp ones it's been a little rough on the outdoor eating. We haven't enjoyed a meal outside at home, but a few cookouts and parties with family and friends have checked this item off the list.

Daily Walks

They haven't happened daily, but we have enjoyed some family strolls!


We missed out on the festivals this year. The days we could go were not ideal for Baby. Next year!

Zoo Trips

Yay for the zoo! We need to squeeze in a few more trips before the end of zoo season.

Pool & Lake Visits 

I still need to buy a new swimsuit for baby and I. He outgrew the one I bought him before he even wore it! Some pool visits are a top priority before they close up.


Baby sleeps through fireworks! I think he'll love them next year. :)

What's left on your list?

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