Tuesday, September 13, 2016

30 Days of Healthy Living


It's the motherhood trifecta that ends in the call (or nowadays text) to the hubby to pick something up, pop in a frozen pizza, or make the trip down Fast Food Lane ourselves. It's quick, easy and you don't even have to get fully clothed (unless you're like me and have day mares of ending up in the ER with holes in your unmentionables). And then we have the nerve to wonder why that last bit of baby weight won't budge, call ourselves names, drown our woes in comfort food, and in the end we are still: tired, hungry, and overwhelmed.

Does this sound familiar, sister?
It's my story.

Food is my love language. Inherently there isn't anything wrong with that.
A bad day calls for comfort food.
A good day calls for celebration food. 
It is a simple equation. The problem is with the types of food. And that is what I am pledging to focus on the next thirty days.

Yes, it would be nice to shed some of the extra weight I gained in pregnancy. But more important to me, is to focus on fueling our lives with healthy food that satisfies and energizes us. I know in the end choosing a healthier lifestyle will lead to some weight loss, but more importantly guilt loss.

For the next thirty days I will be following Arbonne's 30 Days of Healthy Living Program. Replacing one meal a day with a protein shake, clean eating focused on lean meats and veggies, and daily activity. The basics right?

I tend to get overwhelmed when I see a long list of "No's" for a diet. Then I started reading more and realized this was not about a strict diet, but a lifestyle shift. The first phase of the shift was to rid the body of addictive, allergenic, and acidic foods so that you can cleanse the body and start anew and adding those foods back in as desired in small amounts and watching to see if they were hindering your health in any way. 
That's when I realized my outlook needed a little bit of shifting too.
I was focused on what I was leaving out and not what I was putting in.

I am saying, "Yes!" to a healthy life style for me and my family.
I am saying, "Yes!" to fueling my body with it's basic needs: protein, veggies, and a little fruit and healthy fats.
I am saying, "Yes!" to loving the gift of my body and health.

And because of my, "Yes!" there may be a few things to which I will have to say, "No!"
But I'm going to focus on the, "Yes!"

Join me on my journey?

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  1. Yes to healthy living. You got it in your shift. Add in the good and it will crowd out the not so good. Fuel your body and it can do its job of balancing and working all the functions of your body. That is what I am telling the participants of my 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge and what I will be focused on when I do my upcoming Healthy & Fit Fall Jumpstart. Keep at it; you are motivating people.


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