Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Fashion Favorites

The first day of Fall has come and gone. Yesterday our weather finally got the memo that it is September and a new season and it should behave accordingly. "Death to humidity!" has been my battle cry for the past quarter. For those of you that are blessed and don't understand, all I'll say is picture cocker spaniel hair days and feeling like the wicked witch melting (remember it happens not from heat, but water). I am thrilled to change my cry to, "Brava, Autumn!"

At the risk of sounding cliche, the final quarter of the year is my favorite. Fall weather is a huge contributor to that. Fall fashion is another top favorite as well. Now that the weather has cooperated, I'll be rotating my wardrobe and pulling out the delicious Fall layers. 
Here's what I'm most excited about adding back into my wardrobe:

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Boots & Booties


My favorite pair of all time are a pair of ankle boots that my dad bought me almost a decade ago. My mom had been eyeing them and they were on sale when he went to purchase them for her. It was such a good deal that he came home with two pairs and declaring, "Now I know why women get so excited about shoe sales!" Yes, he is the cutest dad!

I have several pairs of taller boots and hope to add a pair of booties to my collection. I loved the look on other women last season, but was a little afraid they would look too choppy on shorter legs. Now I'm inclined to think they might actually be more of a "lengthener". We'll see!


If we have boots, we must have leggings! Okay, we can still have leggings without boots, but the beauty of the combination is hard to deny, especially when paired with our next item.

Long Blouse/Tunic

Tunics are one item from the 90s that I was glad to have come back. One of my all time favorite outfits of my childhood was a pair of pink leggings and floral tunic dress. I wore those pieces for as long as I could...all the way until they were capris and a swing top (and completely out of style).

Sweater Dress

I have two in my wardrobe that I just adore. They both have short to three quarter sleeves so they are perfect for wearing on their own or layering. If you've never tried a sweater dress, please do! They are so comfy! It's the jersey knit of the colder months!


Some women shun hosiery, but I'm a ballerina at heart and nothing feels like a second skin to me like a pair of tights.


Be they cable or knit, neutral or bright, bulky or thin, buttoned or fly away,  bejeweled, patterned or plain; bring me all the cardigans! This is one item in my closet that I know I have more than necessary, but will probably find room for one more. I refuse to disclose how many black cardigans I own.


Another glorious layer that I do wear year round, but gets extra love in the cooler months. Now is the time the blazer gets to shine outside of a business setting.

Berry Lips

I love plums and berry lip colors. I find them to be universally flattering. The richness and depths of the color is so warm and welcoming. The shade highlights the lips without distracting from the rest of the face or what the wearer is saying.

What are your Fall Fashion Favorites?

Waltzing In Beauty

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