Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes or In The First Week of Easter... Volume 8 friend Jen gave to me, procrastinator's week at Conversion Diary.
Maybe I should have left that in my head.  Moving on...
1.  Hoppy Easter!

I did this all by myself.  Aren't you proud?

Holy Week and Easter weekend went by quickly due to much busy-ness.  B's parents came for a long weekend visit.  They do not get a chance to come out often, so we crammed a good deal into the weekend.

His parents don't have a Steak n Shake back home, so they traditionally have dinner there their first night in town.  Ironically, that was Good Friday.  On Good Friday Catholics fast (only one normal sized meal and snacks for the others) and abstain from meat.  This little sacrifice is a way of remembering that Jesus sacrificed himself for us.  Fortunately, Steak n Shake had added a fish sandwich to the menu for Lent.  Unfortunately, Steak n Shake had added a fish sandwich to the menu for Lent.

2.  My dear friend Caroline came back to town to be present at our friend's baptism on Easter.  It was so nice to visit with her for a short while.  Caroline and I share a love of polka dots and Minnie Mouse :)

3.  Easter dinner gave my family a chance to celebrate my mother and grandmother's birthdays together.  My sister made two cakes for the occasion:

a little lamb cake,

and a fire hazard.

4.  Helping my youngest niece find an egg, I asked her to bring me a napkin. She reached in and found- an egg!  Oblivious to my prompt, she also brought me a napkin.  Our family gathering was large enough to need two tables and therefore two napkin baskets.  So her mother told her Aunt Christina needed another napkin, but I liked them from the other basket better.  She looked at me oddly, but complied, found- another egg! and brought me a second napkin.  I'm very messy, I know.

5.  Every year we try to come up with new ways of decorating the eggs.  My youngest sister, ever the artist made one with a beautiful paisley print.  I attempted giraffe print.

6.  I'm so excited for Emily J. the winner of Melinda's Happiest Mommy on the Block giveaway.  Melinda and I enjoyed reading all the responses to the prompt, What makes you feel beautiful?  Here are some great ones:

"When I'm looking for the good. I think feeling beautiful starts with having a beautiful spirit."
"When I push myself to do something that scares me or makes me nervous. The feeling of accomplishment and confidence makes me feel beautiful. Now if I can just get the courage to do it more often!"
"When I look at my wedding photos and I feel just as happy as I did that day!"
"Giving. Anything at all, wether it be a smile, a hug, words, guide a meditation or give the homeless an apple. It has this reversal affect, where I feel a little more alive, contributing something to the universe. I feel beautiful when I am actually feeling alive."
"Making someone genuinely smile because the feel the love you have for them."
"When my favorite jeans fit, just right."
"Having my hubby grab my hand in public. Feels like he is staking a claim and saying "she is mine!""
"Having family all together for a celebration!"
7.  I told you about my senstive eyes in my Five Favorites this week.  I went to the eye doctor and wore sunglasses for the rest of the day and I didn't even get my eyes dilated!  Thank you, numbing drops.

Too cool for work.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Stop being too cool for your co-workers! ;)

    1. Ok. Ok. Does this mean I can't wear my usual stilettos anymore?


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