Monday, April 1, 2013

Questions of the Heart; Answers of Real Women Edition 4

Happy Easter! 
and Happy First of April! 

Sorry for the mini break from the blog without forewarning.  Easter preparations and such were first priority and did not allow a minute for reflective writing. 

The following is not an April fools of any kind.  I am beyond thrilled for today’s edition of the Questions of the Heart series.  One of my favorite bloggers who never ceases to inspire me each day and who I admire greatly will be sharing with you her view of beauty.  Want a clue?  Here it is: #Encourage Beauty

That’s right, Anna from In Honor of Design is my guest today.  This is so very exciting!  I have been following Anna for a good while, she is one of my blogging inspirations, and one of the two women who started the #Encourage Beauty campaign which inspired Questions of the Heart.

I am honored and humbled she agreed to participate.  This confirms without a doubt that she is just as kind, generous and lovely as her blog advertises.  I admit I had no doubts this would be the case because I know one of Anna’s sisters and several of her cousins, however, the honor is still all mine.

So without further ado, I give you the Edition Four.

Questions of the Heart; Answers of Real Women

By Anna 

What makes a beautiful woman? 

I think a woman's most beautiful feature is her dignity and grace. When carried with confidence it positively impacts anyone they meet. 

What makes you feel beautiful? 

After having children, I feel beautiful after a good night's sleep, a run, or a shower. Even more than that, when I nurture my children, I feel so happy to be doing what I was made to do, and it makes me feel beautiful. 

What has had the greatest impact on how you view yourself and encouraged you to be yourself? 

I had a few important role models remind me that I was created beautiful in the eyes of God and that was enough. When you focus on that, its easier to accept your flaws. When I started dating my husband, he showed me what unconditional love meant...accepting me for all who I was. That changed my heart immensely! 

What is your beauty go-to for the days when you feel anything but beautiful? 

A good mascara, tinted moisturizer, and dry shampoo! 

What would you like to share with other women to encourage them to recognize their value and to be beautiful? 

EVERYONE has gifts. To each their own. When you can accept your weaknesses and embrace your strengths, confidence will follow. A confident woman who can wear a smile, and uplift those around her makes the most beautiful kind:) 

Thank you so much, Anna! 

Did you participate in the #Encourage Beauty campaign in March?  Anna and Hilary are offering a calendar so that you can challenge yourself to encourage beauty at any time.  With this in mind, I will be continuing the Questions of the Heart series through April and maybe beyond.  Feel free to share your responses with me, I love hearing what other women have to say about beauty.


  1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for having me as a guest. I loved thinking through these questions! And of course, thank you for supporting this challenge! x


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