Thursday, April 11, 2013

Questions of the Heart; Defining Moments

This post has been a long time coming.  Sometimes the questions we ask ourselves are the hardest to answer.  I have found it to be true with this one.
What has had the greatest impact on how you view yourself and encouraged you to be yourself?
Life is made up of so many moments that weave together like a beautiful tapestry.  Each thread is important to the overall picture, but on its own may seem insignificant.  Defining a solitary moment that has had the greatest impact on my life has been a little daunting. 

As a child I was horribly shy.  I remember being mortified in preschool because I had been declared the cheese while playing the Farmer in the Dell.  Being encircled by my classmates singing, "the cheeeeese stands alone," was too much for my little shy self to bear.  Was it the fact that everyone was looking at me?  I think that was part of it, but looking back I think it was being alone that was worse.  My shyness was, ironically, paired with a great love of people and an even greater desire to be loved by them.

To say I was not loved would be a horrible lie.  I was so very loved that it seems insulting to those that love me to admit that I doubted it.  I have been blessed with so many people that each in their own way have played a roll in my life that cannot be replaced that the question of defining one moment as having the greatest impact gave me writer's block for weeks on end. 
In my darkest moment when I doubted my worth more than ever before, they were there, loving me.  My mother would constantly remind me to hold on to what I knew was true: I am loved.  Clinging to those words and the many examples in my life of how loved I truly was, I was able to slowly climb out of the pit, not without many wounds and scars, but out of the darkness to see the beauty of the world in the light of the sun.

Long story short, the greatest impact on how I view myself that has encouraged me to be me has been; love.

"He took the child by the hand and said to her, "Talitha koum," which means,
"Little girl, I say to you, arise!"
~ Mark 5:41

What has had the greatest impact on how you view yourself and encouraged you to be yourself? 
What is your beauty go-to for the days when you feel anything but beautiful? 
What would you like to share with other women to encourage them to recognize their value and to be beautiful?

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