Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Favorites Volume 3

I'm back for another round of Five Favorites with Hallie.  Last week caught up with me and I find myself fighting a cold (one of my less desirable talents is my ability for catching disease).  So this week my five favorites may be a little more health conscious.

1.  When I start feeling like I might be coming down with a bug I bolster up on vitamins to help ward it off.  Emergen-C gives the extra boost of vitamin C.

Emergen-C 1000 mg Vitamin C, Super Orange - 30 packets
My dad is a physician and he swears by Zinc to help shorten a cold.  It does work!  So many zinc lozenges are overpowering or just plain yuck.  Thera's eldenberry lozenges are the family standby.

Zinc Lozenge Rolls with Echinacea

2.  I'm usually a tea drinker.  When I don't feel well I almost switch to a liquid of tea.  My favorite is Yogi Throat Soothing Tea.  Providing everything comforting about a warm cup of tea between your hands in addition to a little hiatus from a sore throat and attacks of coughing makes this the best.

3.  Vicks VapoRub helps me get some sleep, especially with a sinus cold that .  The vapors clear the sinuses so that breathing is easier.

4.  Another thing that makes the nights easier is my husband pillow.  Sometimes the only comfortable position for sleeping is sitting up.  This pillow provides the back support needed to comfortably do so.

Dottie Lounge Around Pillow Cover
Love the polkadots :)

5.  My colds tend to come with chapped lips.  Normal lip balms did not do the trick.  Thank you for saving my lips, Blistex!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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