Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Take Two or Wonderful Women

Here are some lovely ladies that helped inspire me to turn my frown upside down.
The Happiest Mommy on the Block has a present for you on her birthday.  She's extended the deadline for the Lia Sophia Birthday Party earring to Thursday night (3/28/13).  So like her facebook page and let her know: what makes you feel beautiful for a chance to win!
The Dr. and the Mrs. came to my rescue. Thanks Kelly Jo for explaining how to 'claim' your blog and get through the Reader debacle (Bad Google.  Behave!).  Now you can follow me at Bloglovin!

Verily's style posts are some of my favorite.  A whole post about sparkly cocktail rings?  Yes, please.
The Busy Budgeting Mama touched my heart today with her inspiration from Blissdom.  I love how she phrased the goal of her blog to be like the best friend down the street who is always there for support and to share stories and ideas.  See some resemblance?  Natalie and I have been asked if we are twins.  I don't see that much similarity, but I do think we look like cousins- which we are.

Have a good night!

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