Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Ides of March Volume 6

Happy Ides of March!  I hope today doesn’t give you much to beware outside of the fun of reading Jen and the other quick-takers (that was horribly corny- I apologize).   

Be forewarned, the majority of this post is about my weekend in North Carolina.
1.  I tried something new this weekend.  Our friends Kat and Chad have become quite the rock climbing enthusiasts.  So they took us to a rock climbing gym.  I normally am a little shy learning new things in front of people, but who better to try out a new sport than with someone who loves it and can teach you the ropes (pun not intended, but I’ll run with it)?  I went in reminding everyone that I have no athletic ability whatsoever, that I would try, but I could not promise I would be remotely good at scaling walls.  I think I ended up surprising myself more than anyone else.  It was so much fun!  It was challenging and a little bit scary, but there is a great sense of accomplishment as you reach the top.

The red marked holds was the hardest climb I did that night.
Chad told us to focus on the climb, because it’s about the learning in the middle not just the summit.  This was good advice to remember and helped me keep focused on the climb rather than how long it was taking to do it.  I’m a little disappointed that there is not anywhere close to go again.

2.  Saturday we met up with my aunt and toured the campus of Belmont Abbey College. 

I love architecture and college campuses tend to offer a good deal to see.  My favorite was the St. Joseph Chapel.  I was very interested to see it, because St. Joseph is one of my favorite saints.  The Chapel lived up to my expectations.  It truly is an example of beauty in simplicity.  I love the wood and the glass.  

3.  Another reason I wanted to go the Abbey was personal.  My cousin and his wife recently had a miscarriage.  The Abbey offers plots to families who have lost their babies and they were able to bury their baby there.  I know that they found a good deal of healing through the Abbey and I’m happy that I was able to visit my little second cousin, Michael Thomas.  It was such a good reminder of how every life is a gift, even those we never get the chance to meet.

4.  B is a huge board game fan.  I am not exaggerating when I say he has more games than I have shoes, books, or jewelry (maybe not combined, but still).  So we had to find a local board game store to see if there was anything rare within.  Two games no longer in print found their way into my suitcase.  Lucky for him, Kat and I are experts at packing suitcases.  We fit everything I brought with me and our souvenirs in my carry.  We didn’t have to sit on the top to zip it shut.

"Hello Big Bang Theory.... He flew 800 miles to see us, rock climbed
and the highlight to date is a comic book & game store. ;) " ~ Chad's FB Caption

5.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to the Biltmore, the estate of George Vanderbilt, you must go!  It is gorgeous.  The architecture is amazing. 

The attention to detail just shows how much love and care went into designing and building this masterpiece.  Despite the size, the tour gives you a glimpse at a man who loved his family and shared the wealth he was blessed with those all around him.

Not only is the architecture exquisite, but the artwork and furnishings are as well.   My favorite rooms were the winter garden and library.

I fell in love with this painting.  The Waltz by Anders

6.  After being so active all weekend, we spent an evening watching Game of Thrones.  B and I had not seen the series before and now I am hooked.  It’s a little darker than I usually like, but I love a good story and can’t wait to know what happens next. 


I liked it enough that I purchased a copy of the first book at the airport. Unfortunately, now that I’m home and my obligation to study is weighing heavily upon my conscience it may be awhile before I finish it, but I like having something to read for fun on hand.

7.  I am so glad Friday is finally here.  I have been feeling very out of sorts this week.  Being out of town for a long weekend I had to hit the ground running for the work week.  Daylight savings time has only amplified the disorganization.  My internal time clock is still off.  After sleeping through my alarm this morning, waking up when I should be leaving for work; I rushed out the door to be greeted by a large family of deer.  I hoped back inside, scanned for a buck and then enjoyed the peaceful view.

I didn't get my phone out soon enough.  You can just see the little white tales running away.

P.S.  There’s a new Pope on the block.  I love him already and I’m so excited to get to know Pope Francis better.

P.P.S.  I’ve been busy working on something for the blog.  Let’s just say I’m very excited for St. Patrick’s Day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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