Monday, March 18, 2013

Questions of the Heart; Answers of Real Women Edition 2

Yesterday I introduced you to Melinda, the Happiest Mommy on the Block.  Melinda and I met through a mutual friend who also has her own home business.  Getting to know and collaborating with other women juggling family, work, and home businesses is such a blessing.  Everyone has their own gifts to share and wants the best for each other.

I admire Melinda for her holistic approach to health and life.  She sees the whole person, not just your BMI or to do list, but your personality, hopes, dreams and how you can live to achieve your goals in a healthy way.  Her view on beauty is no different.

Questions of the Heart; Answers of Real Women

by Melinda

What is makes a beautiful woman?

A beautiful woman is aware of her worth. She's confident, but not cocky. She loves others selflessly and loves herself just as much.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I put time into putting myself together before my husband comes home. The effort I used to make to feel beautiful when I was dating has to at least be matched by the effort I make now that I'm married. The simple effort of throwing on lip gloss and changing into real clothes helps me feel feminine, rather than frumpy.

What has had the greatest impact on how you view yourself and encouraged you to be yourself?

I surround myself with women I admire - women who I can draw beauty and strength from and emulate in my own way. I also love reading about women who have climbed mountains and now see the world a different way. I'm currently reading, "The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God.," a biography of Ruth Pakaluk.

What is your beauty go-to for the days when you feel anything but beautiful?

A quick workout and a shower can turn me from Debbie-Downer into Pollyanna instantly. (And who couldn't use a few more endorphins?) A healthy body is an important piece of the Happiness Pie.

What would you like to share with other women to encourage them to recognize their value and to be beautiful?

You are a woman. Not a man, a child, or an object. Own it. Relish your feminine identity. Love yourself selfishly and everyone else selflessly. If you don't make time to take care of yourself, you won't have the energy to take care of anyone else.

Thank you, Melinda!

Make sure you check out Phenomenal Woman Health Coaching to learn more about Melinda's business in holistic health and sign up for her newsletter for tips on  living a healthy life. 

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