Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Sojourning Volume 5

1.  Hello from North Carolina!  B and I took a long weekend to come down and visit two of our closest friends, Kat and Chad.  I met Kat through an old family friend during a late night study session at the local Starbucks, but did not really get to know her well until after we ended up roommates at a dance competition.  Sharing a room can do one of two things for a new friendship: nip it in the bud or provide good soil for deep roots.  I'm so glad that it was the later.   She's the kind of friend that can always make you laugh and that you can communicate with from across the room just by looking at each other.

The four of us became close through Friday night dance parties and hanging out after.  Their move to North Carolina over a year ago was hard, but thankfully the distance hasn't changed much.  They are the best sort of people and the greatest friends.  I'm so excited to be their Maid of Honor this May.

2.  On Tuesday I threw a surprise party for B's birthday.  His favorite meal is "brinner" (breakfast food for dinner).  So I made up some quiche, fruit salad, and a baked pancake instead of traditional cake.  Everything was a success (despite it all needing to be cooked a little longer because of the uneven oven).  I made two adaptions of Paula Deen's Spinach and Bacon Quiche, using evaporated milk instead of cream.  The first was bacon and cheese and the second was spinach, peppers, and half the cheese.  I had not made quiche before and was happy to discover it was super simple despite the yummy conclusion.  The baked pancake went just as well.

3.  Everyone received a surprise that day as well.  The mid-western snow storms hit us hard with 7-12 inches of snow throughout the city.

4.  I haven't had much experience flying, but I really enjoy airports.  There is something exciting about them as people bustle about and pass the time.  Our flight from Chicago to Charlotte was delayed so we had an unexpected lay over.  We got on the plane right around bedtime and arrived bright and early at 1:00 am.

5.  Luckily I was prepared for our layover with the original Gameboy.  A friend of ours lent me his Tetris game when he found out I grew up in a house without video games.  I am not a huge puzzle person, but I can do them.  Falling blocks in a timed setting, however, are not really my thing.

6.  For the #EncourageBeauty campaign I've been looking for inspirational beauty quotes. I found this quote from Marilyn Monroe this week, "All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't."  I think all girls should be told they are pretty, but because all of them are.  They need to know it's more than their exterior.  Anna found a great one!

7.  Hello blue skies and sun!  This is such a welcome change!

Go check out Jen's post and enjoy your weekend!

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