Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food for Thought

I used to watch America's Next Top Model. 

I had to stop. 

I did not care for the "reality" bit of the show, I just wanted to see the clothes, make-up, hair, the final photographs, and, of course, who would be sent home.  Instead of being refreshed and inspired from the time in leisure, I would come away tired and down on myself.  I was not pretty enough, sophisticated enough, creative enough, interesting enough...I was not enough to be loved. One day when I was particularly down on myself, my mom suggested that I stop watching.  I did.  All my insecurities were not solved, but I noticed that my mood improved a bit and it became easier to recognize true beauty.

A good friend pointed me to this blog post by former ANTM contestant, Leah Darrow because it reminded her of the Questions of the Heart on beauty posts.  Leah does a great job explaining the importance of modesty.  I love how she talks about every woman's desire to be beautiful, loved, and to do something great with their life.  Looking back these were exactly the things that I was despairing of while watching this reality show.

Check out Leah's post.  There's a lot of meat in it to ponder.

Happy Tuesday!

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