Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites Volume 8

I can hardly believe it is Wednesday! 
Half way through study week number one.

Here are my five favorites for the week...
aka the little things that are getting me through my studyathon.

--- 1 ---

A dear friend introduced me to Hoops & YoYo through e-cards in college.
I particularly love everything they have related to the days of the week.
This pretty much sums up my feelings today.

Photo: i thought we had something, but now it's gone.

--- 2 ---

When one is spending time surrounded by paper in various states 
(ie books, notebooks, notecards, post-its, etc.) 
they might as well be pretty.
I restrained from buying these the other day, 
but my next trip to Target may not be as frugal.

--- 3 ---

Speaking of being frugal.
Thank you to Starbucks VIA for providing me with fancier coffee at a much better rate.
All you have to do is add hot water and *poof*!


--- 4 ---

There's nothing more annoying than cold coffee 
that you cannot re-heat
due to your travel cup being un-microwaveable.
Pouring it into a coffee mug to re-heat is a dangerous undertaking.
My co-worker found these great microwaveable traveling cups 
and generously gifted our staff with them for Christmas.  
She's kind of the best. 

--- 5 ---

Why use a microwave when you can have hot water in seconds?
I jokingly told my dad I wanted a Keurig for Christmas a year or so ago.
It arrived for my next birthday.  
I say jokingly, because I knew I could easily heat up water 
in the traditional manner of a kettle, coffee maker, or microwave.
Once you have one, however,
you will not know how to live without it.
I still get a kick out of how fast you have hot water.
I'm wishing I would have brought it to summer school with me.
 Instead I gave in to the thought that I was being ridiculous 
and could survive a week without it.

I am weak.
I miss it.


Did I just dedicate three out of five favorites 
to things related to sources of caffeine?

Yes, I did.
That is how we study.

Bonus favorite:
Hallie and the blogs in the Five Favorites link-up.
Thank you for providing a much needed study break, every one!

Five Favorites, hosted at

Happy Wednesday!

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