Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Smiles Volume 3

It's Monday.
I should re-phrase that. 
It's still Monday.

Today, on the one hand, has felt never ending.
While on the other hand, I cannot believe how there is not much left of the day and so much more to do.

The main reason for this time dilemma is a four day weekend
followed by a change.
I'm currently writing from a different desk.
One that is new and yet, familiar.
For the next three weeks I will be at Notre Dame with the occasional trip home.
My final exam for my M.A. is two weeks away (eek).
So I will be immersing myself in preparation for this "educational exercise"
 as my academic advisor so articulately puts it.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk around the campus
and soak up all the beauty it holds.
So before Monday comes to a close,
I'd like to share some of the beauty with you.

Notre Dame

Because the ultimate cure for the Monday blues is 
something that will make you smile and grateful for what you have.  
These things make me smile and hopefully they will make you smile too.


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