Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Favorites Volume 10

Up until now I have mentioned but not really talked about my business as a lia sophia fashion advisor. I guess I did not want to sound like a commercial, however, it is a part of my life, something that I enjoy and want to share with others. So as I join Hallie and friends for a link up, let me introduce you to my lia sophia five favorites.
PSA The following contains multiple images of sparkly things that may cause excitement and shopping sprees. View with caution.
Among other things, I am allergic to metals, because of this my jewelry selection has been limited. lia sophia is now nickel safe! Every piece of lia sophia is electroplated with rodium or a gold/rodium blend. Rodium is a sister metal to platinum, does not tarnish, and rarely causes problems for those with sensitivity to metals. I was so excited when I did not have a reaction to lia sophia and hope other ladies with metal sensitivity will be able to grow their jewelry wardrobe, like I have.

My current go-to earrings.
The company's philosophy was something that attracted me to as well.   lia sophia aims to help all women reach their dreams through owning their own business or quality jewelry that reflects their beauty inside and out. I can be a cynic at times and to me it sounds all great and grand, but in my experience it is one hundred percent true. For example, each year lia sophia creates a special piece and donates a portion of the profit to the Dress for Success charity. Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that promotes the independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional business attire and a network of support for career and life.  To date the Dress for Success pieces from lia sophia are always a favorite of mine. In addition to this, after the weather tragedies this year, lia sophia and Dress for Success teamed up to help out some of the advisors that had lost their homes, so they could continue their business.



The hostess benefits and costumer sales are phenomenal.
Our hostesses are treated like princesses. On average hostesses earn over $100 in free jewelry for simply having a party with their friends. In addition to monthly benefits that offer them hostess exclusive items or ways to earn more free jewelry.
August Hostess Special

The costumer save plan is always buy 2 get 4 items at half price, but...
Cynical Christina: I was waiting for that.
but the least expensive items are always the full priced items.
Cynical Christina's ears perk up: Who does that?

Another perk is the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. All you have to do is keep your form and if something gets broken or damaged you can always replace it!


Have you ever put on an outfit, looked at yourself in the mirror, and just could not stop smiling or could not help but tear up because you felt beautiful?
I love helping other women style themselves and feel beautiful inside and out.
I was blessed through lia sophia to share that moment with a friend and that is inspires me to keep going.
That is why I sell lia sophia.



Last but not least. The sisterhood in lia sophia has surprised me. My lia sophia team is full of uplifting, caring, and generous women. Despite the varying backgrounds and values, everyone sees each other as members of a family: challenging, supporting, laughing, and loving. These women inspire me and I am so grateful to have them in my life.


Happy Wednesday!


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