Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Too Cool for School Volume 16

Hello, Friday!

It’s so nice of you to be here. I am so glad to see you. The first week back at work after focusing on studying, despite the mini-vacation in the form of a long weekend, has been rough. There is so much to catch up on and even more to do before Fall. It is a bit overwhelming and the addition of a stubborn bought of bronchitis has not aided. But it’s the majority of the week is behind us. Onward and upward!
This and mastering my printer made my day.

This past weekend was very enjoyable. I was able to spend a good deal of time with family and friends. Looking after nieces and nephews for an afternoon, board games, the zoo, watching Emma, grilled hamburgers, a going away party for a close family friend, and family meals. It was so nice to enjoy it and not feel a single ounce of guilt for not doing anything except for what I was doing just then. I think post grad school is going to fit me quite well.
My new nickname? Ok, maybe not.

My first day back at work I noticed some odd things in my cubicle. The first thing I noticed was my mouse placed to the left of my keyboard. After the initial note of the odd placement I simply chalked it up to my co-workers using my computer while standing up, but could not recall giving anyone the new and improved password for this 120 days. Later I noticed my phone placed on the receiver upside down. Odd came to my mind, but again I thought that someone could have done that without noticing. Then I noticed my candle was also upside down. This I could not explain and I simply flipped it over and wondered who would bother to turn just a candle upside down.
Are you holding your head in your hands because I am so clueless?
I am too.

Finally a co-worker stopped by and after a brief conversation started to leave and stopped in front of the second desk perpendicular to mine, tilting her head and examining the picture leaned up against the wall. I looked to and realized that although Salvadore Dali is one for the bizarre, his Last Supper does not take place in an inverted universe. It too was upside down!
Now I knew something was up. Maybe Emily did this? She could, but it still didn’t seem to fit. So I peeped my head around the corner of our shared wall and asked if she knew who had been in my office. She sighed, laughed, and informed me that it was her dear Alex’s doing and I should feel loved.

Oddly enough, I already was.


In my newly found free time I went to Target twice this week. But I should add, they were two different Targets. Fortunately, I am now the happy owner of matching curtains to be hung in my someday-organized study/office/library/hobby-room.

Unfortunately, I did not make it out without several items that were not on the shopping list (surprise, surprise, surprise). One of which was an opened and tested lip balm that I cannot seem to have in the same location of the receipt at one time to be able to return it. I keep finding and misplacing one of the pair.


A good friend of mine is having a storybook themed baby shower. Each of the guests is asked to bring a favorite storybook as their gift. We share a love of children’s stories, so I was thrilled with the excuse to wander in the children’s section of book stores and read all the wonderfulness. I really love children’s books. So much that I have been known to study in bookstores so that I can read them as a study break. So much that two of the three I have bought this week have been for myself. So much that I have named the animals sharing my yard and imagined their stories as if they are written in one: short and precise sentences with only a few per page and illustrations grounded by a line above a little patch of green floating in the sea of surrounding white…

I will have to share the titles after the party. She may be reading.
Sneaky, sneaky!


Last night I joined my lia sophia sisters at a meeting with our region manager. She is so informative, supportive, and fun! It was a great meeting. The ideas were inspiring, but yet so simple to put into practice. One of the big things was the idea of actually writing out your goals and taking the time to plan each week. In the office I can do this well, but I struggle doing it in my own business and personal life. It’s time to “plan the work and work the plan”.

Waltzing In Beauty is six months old!
As of yesterday.

I can hardly believe that it was six months ago that I wrote my first post. Time has sure flown by and I am learning more and enjoying this blog more every day.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Trying decided if I should be proud or ashamed that my husband made your Quick Takes :)


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