Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday Smiles (on a Tuesday) Volume 9

The day I knew would inevitably come has arrived a bit sooner than expected. The day to which I am referring is the Tuesday upon which I realize that the day prior was a Monday and I missed posting Monday Smiles.
Today has been more like a Monday than a Tuesday in many ways, so it seems appropriate that I post something geared specifically for making me smile. So let's pretend it is Monday and be happily surprised tomorrow when we are greeted by the week's midway point, shall we?
I was out of town this weekend. While I was away my family's fridge and freezer died and mine became home to everything that could be salvaged. During their trip to deposit the goods in my fridge, my lovely little siblings had some innocent fun.
And I came home to this:

Sadly, I missed it completely until last night.

A re-enactment from one of my favorite children stories.
Although in this Hippo must go "Quick, quick," down the stairs to take a bath instead of up.

Sadly, I noticed this first.

Siblings are such fun. I would not know what to do without them. They always know exactly what to do to make you smile.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Some of these suspiciously look like something my husband would do ;)

  2. Ha ha, I know. People must think I need to change things up a bit.


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