Friday, February 1, 2013

Seven Quick Takes or Hello World!

Hello, I'm Christina and welcome to my blog.

Writing a blog has been a goal of mine for quiet awhile.  I would dance around the idea- coming up with titles, topics, themes, etc. and never found the "it" factor that gave me enough courage to put myself out there for all the world-wide-web to see.  When my friend Emily and I discovered we shared the same desire we banded together to support each other in our resolution for 2013.

One of the things I have enjoyed this past month of preparation is realizing how small the world can be in the blogging community.  As I read one blog I would stumble upon another and another and would discover women I know, have connections to through others or connections between bloggers.  So it seems the perfect way to start is to join the community and link up with the blogging world and Jennifer at Conversion Diary with 7 Quick Takes on my favorite things.

I love:
    1.  My family.  They are the most important thing to me.  We are very close and I am fortunate that my grandparents, parents and siblings all live within minutes of each other.

    2.  Dancing.  I have loved to dance for as long as I can remember.  After college a friend and I decided to check out a local ballroom dance studio one night.  The relationships and confidence I have gained through that choice have made it one of the best decisions of my life.   I guess I agree with the song that, "the best things happen while your dancing."

    3.  Making things pretty.  Be it styling an outfit, decorating a room, rearranging furniture or organizing kitchen cabinets, I love making things look beautiful.  I also love helping others feel good about themselves and seeing that they are beautiful inside and out.

    4.  Notre Dame.  I come from a family of Domers and I am excited to soon officially be a Double Domer (for those of you unfamiliar to the University, we are called "Domers" after the Golden Dome of the Administration Building on Campus).

    5.  Theology.  I received my BA in Theology from Notre Dame and I am currently pursuing my MA in Theology part time from Notre Dame.  I have completed my course work and will sit for my final comprehensive exam this year.  What does one do with a Theology degree?  I work for the Catholic Church.

    6.  Red.  Growing up all I wanted was a red pair of shoes, just like Dorothy.  Red things, however, have to be just right, but when they are I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

    7.  Penguins.  So cute!

    Have a great weekend!

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