Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes or 7 iPhone Shots Volume 2

Linking up with Jen again for 7 Quick Takes...a day late...

1. God's timing does not always match up with my own.  Starting this little blog on the first of February made sense. It was a new year, new month and a new adventure.  That excitement was quickly followed by the loss of a dear friend. After being diagnosed with a rare and vicious cancer at the beginning of the year, Bishop John D'Arcy passed away on February 3rd. His funeral was yesterday.  It was so nice to see how many lives he touched and to hear so many good stories. He was the kind of man that truly loved everyone.  I will miss him.

2.  Monday started off with a bump.  I was rear ended on my way into work.  Fortunately, the other driver was nice and the aftermath has gone pretty smoothly.  Unfortunately, I was at a full stop and hit pretty hard.  I have re-friended my chiropractor as a result.

3.  My niece and nephew out witted me at my Christmas present to them.  Ticket to Ride is a great game for all ages, as long as you don't mind being shown up by those not yet a decade old.

4.  Due to the car mishap, my plan of painting my kitchen quickly changed to supervising the painting of the kitchen (and learning that I need to let go of perfection and let others help).  With half the man power only two walls have a coat of paint, but it is looking more like home.

My guy, B.  Unflattering angle brought to you by the supervisor's corner.

5.  B and I have slowly been working our way through The Lord of the Rings.  This started after he confessed to never having been able to get through the beginning part in the Shire.  To this I proclaimed, "I will read you out of the Shire in no time."  (A year later, we are out of the Shire...more like we've left Bag End...).  After all the hard work supervising, I fell asleep on the couch before we opened it.

6.  When I bought these trouser socks I didn't realize they had spots.  I'm not quite sure if they are fun or if they make my feet looked diseased.

7.  Chocolate makes everything better.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I promise to post more next week!


  1. The kitchen is coming along! Can't wait to see it! And as far as the socks go...definitely diseased. Kind of reminds me of the illness Mad Madame Mim comes down with in The Sword and the Stone.

    1. They also reminded me of a plucked chicken or if you want to be more sophisticated, an ostrich. My Madame Mims have been relegated to the boot sock category!

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