Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear Friend: A Letter from Your Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

I love all holidays and it is hard to narrow it down to a top few, but Valentine's Day has to be one of my favorites.  As a child I loved giving Valentine's Day cards, the thought process behind which friend received which valentine would make a great skit- I don't really like him so I'll give him the bad guy cartoon character, this is the prettiest I'll give this to my best friend, I can't give this one to him because then he'll know I like him... 

Then came my teens and early twenties and the lonely Valentine's Days, however, I still loved the holiday.  Some of my favorite Valentine's memories are from those years- the one when my college roommate and I gave each other the nickname Valentine and designated it as our friend-iversary, the one my sister left me the deck of hearts with notes written on each card, the year a friend and I debated the ethics of makeup testing on male mice, the one when all my girlfriends got together and laughed until the coffee shop closed.  I think the reason I could not throw out this simple holiday was, despite the many Valentine's without a special someone, the focus on being with the people I love and taking the time to tell them how much they mean to me.

Feeling blessed to share the day with this guy. 
He wanted this picture for FB.  I think that gives approval for posting it here, don't you?
Because of my love for the holiday, I was doubly honored when I was asked to be the guest blogger on My Year of Faith for today.  My Year of Faith is an online blog and mobile app that our diocese has put together for the Year of Faith.  Each day there is a post on a topic related to the faith from many different contributors.  The mobile app also has a calendar with daily challenges to help on your faith walk. 

This project is so exciting.  I have enjoyed reading the posts each day and taken away a lot of food for thought. Hats off to my wonderful co-workers that coordinate this great project!  Please check out this great resource.  While you're at it, check out my post: Dear Friend: A Letter From Your Valentine ;)  Enjoy!

If you're waiting for it to be tomorrow and finding this to be horribly sappy, know that you are a truly amazing person with so much to give to others.  Even if we've never met; I value you.


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