Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Today is my birthday.  Being born on a date in close proximity to Valentine’s Day is both a blessing and a curse (ok, that's a bit over dramatic).  I was brought home from the hospital on Valentine’s Day and I’m reminded each year that I was the best Valentine gift ever.   But as most of us born near a holiday, I am adamant about the two occasions being exactly that - two separate days that must each be given their due and never conjoined.  Fortunately, I love red, pink, hearts, flowers, chocolate, ruffles, sentimental notes … so I do not mind that my birthday always involves such things normally associated with Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately, it does place an added burden to loved ones that have to think about two holidays in the same week.  This year I am feeling that hardship a little more.

Valentine's Day snuck up on me.  Despite good intentions, I find myself a few days away from the holiday, feeling a bit empty handed and not quite sure what to do.  I’ve done some brainstorming/window shopping/dreaming of what I could do next year and will just have to make the best of this situation.  Here are some of my favorite finds for my heroes and heroines.


Pretty and feminine.

I love the idea of wearing a passage from a favorite book.
Sentimental and classic to wear all year round.
My favorite scent.

Love notes!


Polka dots for men done right.
Cologne that doesn't give me a headache.
Something to keep him warm.
Adopt a species :)
Longitude and latitude of a special place.


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